Ballerina Teddies Bedhead - by Adrienne Carter

 TITLE – “Dreaming Ballerinas” - by Adrienne Carter - owner of

The Furniture Paint & Craft Shoppe located in Matamata in New Zealand

Products –         

  1.           Aussie Décor Transfers Luxe Decoupage Paper – Ballerina Teddies
  2.           Aussie Décor Transfers Extra Large Stencil – Lattice
  3.           Aussie Décor Transfers – Blue Applicator Tool
  4.           Water based cleaner containing #TSP such as #sugarsoap
  5.           Chalk paints
  6.           140 grit sandpaper
  7.           Water based Top coat
  8.           Selection of paint Brushes

 Process –

  • I cleaned the dark wooden bedhead with a cleaner containing #TSP (such as sugar soap), and then primed with a water based primer, ready for painting. 
  • I used two coats of chalk mineral paint. I chose Pink Champagne, a lovely soft colour to compliment the ‘Ballerina Teddies’ paper. I painted the entire bedhead with this colour, including under where the paper would go, to keep the image light and bright. If I was going for a moodier or darker look, I would have used a darker colour under the paper.
  • I decided to use the Aussie Décor Transfers Extra Large stencil ‘Lattice’ all over the bedhead and used three colours for added dimension. These were Coffee Bean, Limeade and Plum Crazy. I thought these were great colours to compliment the paper and to add background interest and dimension to the project.

  • I used a stencil brush to stipple the paint over the stencil. I blended the 3 colours by changing the colours regularly as I went. I only had to move the stencil once to complete the bedhead as the stencil is so large.
  • Before applying the Luxe Decoupage paper, I tore around the image to create a soft finish, which helps with blending the image in with the paint, later on. I then used a water based top coat as my "glue", to adhere the Luxe paper to the project. Working in 10cm increments, I added the topcoat to the bedhead and then stuck the paper to it, smoothing out any wrinkles and bubbles with the blue applicator tool. I used some more of the Pink Champagne paint to blend the edges of the Luxe paper.

  • I decided to finish the spindles on either side in a shabby rustic look, using some light sand paper to take back some of the paint finish.

  • I finished with two applications of a water based Clear Top Coat in a satin finish. This seals the paper and paint and allows for easy cleaning. Now it's all ready for a little girl's bedroom.

Blog author - Adrienne Carter

The Furniture Paint & Craft Shoppe

52 Arawa Street,

Matamata – New Zealand


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