Crafting with Sarah!
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Crafting with Sarah!

by Deb Salmon-Brown 13 Nov 2023 0 Comments
Crafting with Sarah! - Aussie Decor Transfers

Hi everyone, it’s Sarah here to show you some more crafting ideas!

This time I am using the Aussie Pink Heliconias Poster Print. I have used Aussie Décor Poster Prints for various craft and furniture projects and they always add real impact!

For this project, I experimented with cutting up the poster and mixing it up with some other printed papers, ribbons and fabric to create a mixed media decorated gift bag and card.


There are NO RULES for how you do this! – I just made it up as I went along.

 Here are the bits'n'pieces I started with:

  • Pink Heliconias poster (small)
  • A plain paper bag and gift card
  • Some pieces of Aussie Décor decoupage papers (you can use any pieces of printed paper or tissue paper)
  • A few scraps of lace fabric
  • A ribbon and a couple of small wooden craft bits and pieces
  • Scissors and glue (I like to use a fairly strong glue for posters)

 If you haven’t seen the Pink Heliconias poster before, it’s very pretty and vibrant!

Firstly, I cut out one of the pink blooms to experiment with making a gift card.

So easy!


Next, I cut out rectangles of the remaining poster to glue onto my paper bag. I experimented with layering the poster with small scraps of decoupage paper and lace. I love mixing fabrics and papers and seeing how it turns out💟.

I finished off with a few small wooden craft heart décor pieces and a ribbon on the handles.

Here is the final result. What do you think? It was a very quick and easy project and adds a nice personal touch to a gift for a loved one. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my project and that I’ve given you some ideas for using some of the beautiful Aussie Décor Transfers beautiful for your own crafts.

Thanks for reading! Sarah 😊

You can purchase Aussie's Poster Prints here or any product from Aussie Decor Transfers by clicking on this link. 
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You can follow me on FB at Sarah Macaulay Studio
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