Stormy Iris Blend - by Meg Cockman

Hi! My name is Meg and I’m a new content creator for Aussie Decor Transfers.

This is my first ADT blog and this piece was actually my first using an ADT product. I love to decoupage and the colors in the Stormy Iris Luxe Decoupage paper just spoke to me. I love all the deep dark tones!

I knew I wanted to add this paper to all taller piece, so I found a vintage chest of drawers which was the perfect canvas for Stormy Iris Luxe Decoupage paper. I tend to buy mostly vintage and antique furniture, so my first step was to repair the piece, clean and scuff sand it really well.

I laid down my base colors which were the 3 main colors in the image. (Navy, Lakehouse Blue and Blackberry). Then I added my paper using the felt edge of the Blue Decoupage Applicator tool.

Because I had large divides in my drawer fronts, I opted to cut my paper to fit each section. I used a water based top coat as my glue to apply the Stormy Iris Luxe Decoupage paper.

My next step (and the one that makes me the most nervous !) was to blend the paper "into" the dresser for a seamless look. I took direction from the pretty colors within the flowers. I used blues, greens, oranges and yellow to make a watercolor muddled look.

My last step in the process was to seal the whole piece. 

This chest of drawers honestly didn’t take very long from start to finish. I  probably spent 3 days working on it.

It was definitely a fun project, with a beautiful image, that gets me in the mood for spring!

I hope you love it as much as I do, and if you haven’t given decoupage a try, I say "just do it"! The Luxe Decoupage paper is great to work with whether you're a beginner or a seasoned decoupage artist. It is strong and durable, and the colours are so beautiful and vibrant!

Happy Upcycling

Meg - You can find me at Salvage Made Chic

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