Story behind Moody Blues Drum Table - by Saurabh Kalra
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Story behind Moody Blues Drum Table - by Saurabh Kalra

by Deb Salmon-Brown 30 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Story behind Moody Blues Drum Table - by Saurabh Kalra - Aussie Decor Transfers

Story behind Moody Blues Drum Table - by Saurabh Kalra of RetroEnterior

Welcome everyone to my first Aussie blog!

I came upon this little drum table, which had been painted poorly in a white shabby chic style. It had lots of clumps and bumps and needed some imagination and love!


I sanded the table, progressing through three grits (60,120 to 240) until I had achieved a smooth finish. 60 grit helped me to remove the paint clumps, while the 120 and 240 gave me a smooth finish. Remember, the higher the number of grit you use, the smoother finish you will achieve.


Normally I prime all my furniture, but as the existing base paint was white mineral paint, I sanded enough just to reach a smooth finish and I used this base as my primer. I knew I was going to use Aussie's Moody Blues Luxe Decoupage Paper on top, so this was a perfect base for me.

Most decoupage papers are transparent to some extent. So if you want to achieve a clear, bright finish to your image, you need to use a light colour base paint. If you want a more moody look, then you can use darker colours underneath.

I chose to use Cornish Milk Mineral Paint for two reasons. It has no added VOC and it's vegan. I chose Squid Ink Blue, Blackcurrant and Mead colours to achieve a marbled look on the base.


I then stenciled on the table face panel using gold wax, and I also applied gold wax to the table top rims.  

I painted two legs in Squid Ink and one in Blackcurrant . I decided to use the two paint colours on the legs to match in with the stunning colours in the  Moody Blues Luxe Decoupage Paper. I then added gold leaf on the legs to give it a rich and delicate look.


I sealed the legs & foil with two coats of water based topcoat.

Then it finally came time to add the stunningly lovely Aussie Decor Transfers Moody Blues Luxe Decoupage Paper! This paper is 40gsm in weight (grams per square metre), and is so nice to work with. It is delicate yet strong, and does not tear easily like tissue paper can, due to the strengthening silk threads throughout it.

As per the instructions, I worked in sections, spraying the back of the paper with a light mist of water and applying Mod Podge to the table top. You can use any water based adhesive or top coat to adhere this decoupage paper.


I used the Aussie Decor Transfers Blue Decoupage Applicator Tool to smooth out the paper  creases, eliminate any excess glue and remove any trapped air bubbles. The blue applicator tool has a felt edge which does not damage the paper and allows you to apply some pressure to remove air bubbles and excess glue.


Once dry, I added gold leaf around the edge of the paper in a random style, to add delicacy and luxury. Finally, I used Polyvine Satin finish Varnish to seal my project.


And here is the final look. Enjoy! 😊


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