Want to elevate your decor? Why not try risers! - by Meg Cockman

Want to elevate your decor? Why not try risers!

What's a riser, you say? They are elevated decorative wooden forms that help create height to your decor displays. When your decor is displayed at different heights, it enables the viewer's eye to move with ease throughout your display. I love to make my own risers, whether it be from recycled wood or wooden planks from a craft store. 

For this riser project, I bought the wooden plaque and feet for $2 from my local dollar store. I glued the feet on and let it dry for several hours. I like to set something heavy on top so the glue doesn’t expand to where it doesn’t sit level. 
Once dry I used a water based stain and stained the whole thing. Don’t have stain? Try a 1:1 ratio brown paint and water. It works well for me.
After that dries, I add a dry brushed effect with white paint. (Dry brushing is where you wipe off the majority of your paint from your brush onto rag or some paper towel, and lightly feather the paint on) 
Once the paint dries, I apply one coat of water based sealer. I give the sealer 4 hours or so to really dry and then add the transfers.
For this piece, I used the Australian Wildflower lll Gumnuts and Grevilleas transfer. What I love about this transfer pack is how many gorgeous images you get. 14 sheets in all and they can be used on so many projects! I burnish the image onto the riser and seal with 2 more coats of top coat.
Finally it's time to style! Whether you use it as a candle riser, a stand for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or just to add height to a pretty figurine, it’s a beautiful & easy to make addition to your decor at a very small cost. 
Thanks for reading. I would love to see your finished risers! - Meg 😊
You can purchase the rub on transfer from Aussie Decor Transfers here 👉 
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You can follow me on FB at Salvage Made Chic & IG at Salvage Made Chic and see what's up for sale in my Etsy store.

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