DIY Phone Case and Drinks Charm - by Christel Bradbury

A quick and easy little craft project just in time for New Years celebrations!

Here I am thinking about New Years celebrations and how to keep track of my phone (- it’s black and hard to find) and my glass. So my bright idea is to use little scraps of the Pink Galah transfer to decorate.



  • Pink Galah Transfer or any scraps of Aussie transfers you may have.
  • MDF cutout of your choosing - I chose these cute cats.
  • String/chain/wire to wrap around glass or bottle.
  • Clear Coat to seal transfer.


So simple and quick to do and would make an awesome gift as a set!


  • Start with a clean surface.
  • I chose to paint one cat black and leave one timber.
  • I then layered little scraps of the Pink Galah transfer on to each cat MDF piece.
  • Once rubbed on, seal with your choice of water based clear coat.
  • Add a chain/elastic/wire/ ribbon to it (you may need to drill a hole in the MDF to be able to tie around your celebratory drink).



The phone case is super easy to do too.


Choose your image (or parts thereof) and layer to your hearts content. T

Then once done, seal with your choice of water based clear coat. 


Now you're ready to celebrate in style and you can keep track of your phone and drink easily! 😊🥂


You can find the Pink Galah transfer here

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