Fabulous Fuschia Plant Pedestal - by Wendy Vaughn

I had this ceramic plant stand that needed a makeover. 
I wanted to transform it so it looked like it belonged in a enchanted fairy garden.
Step 1. I started by giving the pedestal a really good clean.
Step 2. I gave the whole piece one coat of Daydream Apothecary Sea La Vie.
Step 3. Next was a dry brushing of Elwen Cottage Exclusive Colour Collection - Mood Ring   
Step 4. A final light dry brushing of Daydream Apothecary La La Love Ya to highlight.
Step 5. I then applied a gorgeous hummingbird & flowers from the Fabulous Fuchsia Dry Rub set by Aussie Decor Transfers.
Step 6. Finally, I applied a light coat of water based Dream Coat to seal everything.

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