Playing with our new Aussie Dust Mica Powders - By Christel Bradbury

I was so excited to be asked to have a play with the new "Aussie Dust" Mica powders by Aussie Decor Transfers!

For my first play, I chose to use the colours Pearl Idaho Orange and Iridescent Neptune. A tiny scoop of mica into a teaspoon of water based clear coat - (I used Dixie Belle Gloss Clear Coat) and mix well.

Using an artist brush, I applied two coats over a dark grey chalk painted embellishment. If you wanted more of a translucent colour or a glaze, one coat would be enough. Mixing with the clear coat makes it dry super fast and smooth. Once it was dry, I applied one of Aussie Decor Transfers Australian Wildflowers III - Banksia dry rub transfers and wow, it looks amazing!

The orange and blue mica colours really pop with the Wildflowers III Banksia transfer. I then had to do the other side of my little ornament so I reached for Aussie Dust Pearl Maggie Red. I applied the same methods to mix the mica with the clear coat and then added a flamingo from the Aussie Decor Transfers Flamingo II dry rub transfer. 


I love the mica powders! They are so easy to use and you only need a tiny bit for it to go a long way. Once I had finished I didn’t want to waste the left over mixes, so I added a couple of mist squirts of water and mixed it up again and applied it to a moulding. Guess what?! It worked and dried super fast, giving a shimmer effect all over the project. I Love it! ❤️❤️

There are 6 amazing Aussie Dust Mica powders available and they are all  beautiful, rich colours. And with 50gms in the jar at the same price of other brands 25gm jars, it's extremely well priced! So have a go! I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. Use a top coat that is thin and fluid, like Dixie Belle's clear coat. Don't use a thick top coat like DB satin, or you will have to use more mica powder due to the thicker consistency.
  2. Always use a gloss top coat, not matte. A matte top coat will dull all that delicious shine of the mica powder.

 Christel - Finders Keepers Barn

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