Fall is in the air! - by Meg Cockman of Salvage Made Chic

Fall is in the air and what better way to kick the season off than a little fall décor!

I’ve always loved making my own décor for my home and this simple project can be made so quickly and easily. 


For these two looks I’m using the Kaleidoscope Stencil and the Coral Rose Alcohol Ink Poster Print both from Aussie Décor Transfers.

My other supplies are twine, pumpkin wooden cut out, maple leaf and gratitude tin sign all from the dollar store, as well as pink paint that I had on hand. 

I started by painting the pumpkin and leaf pink. I used Mod Podge to adhere the Coral Rose Alcohol Ink Poster Print. There is no need to seal or topcoat the front image of the poster as it has a protective waterproof coating on it.

After it dried, I stenciled the back with the Kaleidoscope stencil by Aussie. I used the Old Gold Aussie Dust mica mixed with a water based topcoat as my “paint” for some vintage gold glam. 

Once dry I added twine to the pumpkin stem and the leaf end for a rustic look.

These 2 projects are a quick and easy way to add a modern twist on fall decor. The Coral Rose print is so gorgeous and gives just the right amount of glamour!


Thanks for reading! You can visit my social media links to see more of my creations using Aussie Decor Transfer products 

by Meg Cockman of Salvage Made Chic

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