The Beauty and Amazing Versatility of Aussie Decor's Wonderfoils - by
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The Beauty and Amazing Versatility of Aussie Decor's Wonderfoils - by Christel Bradbury

durch Christel Bradbury 01 Feb 2024 0 Kommentare
The Beauty and Amazing Versatility of Aussie Decor's Wonderfoils - by Christel Bradbury

One of the many ways to use Aussie Decor Transfers' Wonderfoil is to apply it to the sides of drawers (on both furniture and craft pieces) to give a peek-a-boo effect.

Because the Wonderfoil is very fine and of almost zero thickness, it allows the drawers to slide smoothly without friction or drag, and without adding any additional bulk. It has been specifically designed to add colour and interest to trims, drawers and appliques, providing a high quality finish without adding bulk or weight to your project.

Aussie's Wonderfoil is a thin metal foil that adheres to almost any surface when used with Aussie's specialised foil glueAussie's Wonderfoil Size Glue is specifically formulated for the foil. Regular adhesive or sealer is not suitable as an adhesive for Wonderfoil.

The Wonderfoil has a shiny, patterned finish that enhances every project, from large furniture pieces to small craft projects. There are 7 very different themed boxes to choose from, each with 10 different patterned & coloured 1m rolls (10m in all), to suit your project. Wonderfoil is easy to apply and durable when sealed with a 2 coats of water-based sealer. You can view the selection here.  

For my jewelry box I chose to use Wonderfoil Watercolours.

  • I applied a thin layer of Wonderfoil Size Glue on the sides of the drawers where I wanted to add the foil. Then I went and had some lunch while I waited for the glue to turn clear and tacky (about 30mins). It's super important to make sure the glue is tacky before proceeding. You can even leave it overnight if you want. 
  • I then cut a piece of my Wonderfoil roll that was slightly longer than the side of my drawer. I placed it down on the glue with the shiny side facing up.
  • I rubbed the shiny side of the Wonderfoil using a stiff artist bristle brush all over the area where I wanted the foil to stick, pressing firmly and evenly to ensure a good transfer.
  • I then gently lifted the Wonderfoil away and checked the result. If you want to add more foil or you have missed a spot, you can lay the foil down again and rub again where there is tacky glue. If you want to layer foils, you will need to re-apply Aussie's specialised glue over the area you want to layer.
  • I then repeated the process for the other sides of the drawers and sealed my Wonderfoil sides with 2 coats of a water-based sealer to protect them from wear and tear.

I paired Aussie's Watercolours Wonderfoil with Aussie's Fabulous Fuschia 2 rub-on transfer (hummingbirds & flowers) and Aussie's Brilliant Gold Dust Mica powder. The brilliant gold really pops and complements all three products, bringing the whole project together.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have inspired you to experiment and have fun!



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