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Here's a story for you penned in our true blue, spoke' by the first bushranger gang, by the drovers & shearers, the wheelers & dealers who have shaped our beloved Aussie slang!

So grab your thesaurus we'll try not to bore ya's as we give you the quick ol' run down, of the little humdinger who's no deadset ringer for the established part of town😉

So pull up a pew come join us a few, for something quite different & bold, we're Aussie at heart & love all kinds of art, not just for the green & gold!

We have papers & transfers for all kinds of crafter's and furniture artists to boot, we like to have fun so please pardon this pun come join us and let's have a hoot!

We have foils & stencils so sharpen your pencils and check out our "noice" Aussie Luxe, our products are fine and are one of a kind we think that they are the duck's nuts!

There's colour galore we're deadset no bore, we've got something for each bloke & chick, whether you're practiced or startin' wear stubbies or tartan, we're here to show every trick!

We have helping hands across many lands from Timbuktu to Illinois, across the ditch head up to Norwich, down America to the land of Oi! Oi!