Furs WonderFoils
Furs WonderFoils
Furs WonderFoils
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Furs WonderFoils

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Furs WonderFoils


Contains 10 Rolls. Each roll is 4cm x 100cm or 1.57" x 39.37"

- Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed with a water based sealer which has been left to dry overnight before applying Aussie Wonderfoil. It will not adhere to unsealed chalk paint.

- Apply Aussie's Wonderfoil Size glue to the area you want your Aussie Wonderfoil

- Let the glue dry so that it is clear and tacky (2-5hrs depending on your climate). While you wait, make yourself a drink and take a moment to BREATHE! Or go paint something else. Or bake a pie. Or walk the dog. If you try to apply the foil before the glue has sufficiently dried, it won't work! So resist temptation and LET IT DRY to TACKY & CLEAR.

- Place the Aussie Wonderfoil over the areas where you have used the glue - with the Aussie Wonderfoil SHINY PATTERNED SIDE UP. Tip: If you are finding it difficult to see where you have applied the glue because it is now clear, shine some light on your project. The light will pick up the shiny areas. That's where your glue is.

- Rub on the Aussie Wonderfoil well using Aussie's Rub on Transfer Black tool

- Lift away the Aussie Wonderfoil and..... Ta da!!  If you want to add more foil to your project, you can lay it down again and rub once more.

- Seal with a water based sealer

*Please share your work using ADT's products in our Facebook group, Aussie Decor Transfers Creative Club. We love to see your creations!


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