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Bedside Tables by Deb Salmon-Brown

by Aussie Decor Transfers 09 Feb 2022 0 commenti
Bedside Tables by Deb Salmon-Brown

Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post. I hope this will be the first of many! 

We have just finished major renovations to our home and I wanted to create some new bedside drawers.  Something bright and light to match 2x gorgeous lamps  from Black Mango,. I knew Aussie Decor Transfers’  Apple Blossom Poster Print would compliment the colours in the lamp beautifully, while creating a fun, bright, playful, summery energy to the room.




  1. First, I cut up the two Apple Blossoms Poster Print over a few nights while watching TV. I am always looking for things to occupy my hands in the evening and this was the perfect job! 
  3. After giving the bedsides a good clean with Selleys Sugar Soap and a wipe down with water, I taped up my edges and surfaces I didn't want to get paint on, and filled in the old handle holes with Selleys Rapid Set Spakfilla using a UniPro Flexible Filling Blade. I find I can get the filler completely flush with just a swipe of the filling blade, and then there's no need for sanding once dry, nor wastage of filler.
  4. I didn't like the dark wood stain that was on the drawers originally, but I knew I wanted some woodgrain to remain, to keep some warmth in the drawers, and make them a little softer than if I had painted the entire bedside in stark white. The Apple Blossom Poster Print has some branches on it and I wanted to replicate that "wood" look. So I gently hand sanded the face of the top and bottom drawers, as well as the centre section of the top, using 120 grit sandpaper. I made sure I sanded lightly in some areas and more heavily in others, trying to get a “worn wood” look. I then smoothed the sanded areas by going over them again with a 240 grit paper, and painted the sections of the bedsides that were to be white with one coat of British Paints 4in1 Prep and four coats of British Paints Ceiling Flat Interior Bright White Paint (white needs lots of coats!)
  5. Next step was to play with the pieces of the Apple Blossom Poster Print , layering and experimenting with position. I used the Scotch Blue Painters tape to hold all the pieces in place.  
  6. I then started gluing all the pieces in place with Selley's PVA glue, taking care to start from the bottom of the layers so I wouldn't lose the design layout!
  7. I used the Aussie Decor Transfers Blue Decoupage Applicator Tool to push, press, crease and smooth the poster print cutouts over ridges, around curves and into crevices. I love that tool! Everyone should have one! I used my Scotch Blue Painters tape to hold pieces in place while the glue dried, especially the thin bits that were going over edges or sitting on a non flat surface.   
  8. After leaving everything to dry overnight, I came back the next day, ready to add some faded "lace" by using the Aussie Decor Transfers Kaleidoscope Furniture Stencil, and some silver artist acrylic paint. I used Sue Chic’s technique of "swirling" the silver paint on the stencil for a very soft, faded look. See the dob of paint on the plate? I used about 4 of those sized dobs for each bedside.
  9. I again left everything to dry overnight and came back the following morning to topcoat everything with Cabot's Floor Poly (CFP). Applying with a sponge, I gently dabbed over the decoupage and the stencil work. Once I had a thin coat on those areas, I came back and gave them a heavier coat to seal and lock it all in. 
  10. Final job was to drill knob holes and attach new knobs.
  11. I love how they turned out and I love that I decided to go bright and pretty!

#aussiedecortransfers #appleblossom #posterprint #aussiedecor #stencil #decoupage #kaleidoscope

#selleys #cabots #britishpaints #blackmango




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