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How to create a Mixed Media Artwork using Aussie Decor Transfer's 'Heaven Scent Magnolia Peel & Stick Vinyl'

by Christel Bradbury 10 Nov 2023 1 commento
How to create a Mixed Media Artwork using Aussie Decor Transfer's 'Heaven Scent Magnolia Peel & Stick Vinyl'

How to create a mixed media artwork using Aussie's Heaven Scent Magnolia Peel & Stick Vinyl

by Christel Bradbury - Finders Keepers Barn

I've always viewed the Heaven Scent Magnolia print as upside down ballerina or fairy skirts.  This stems from my childhood, walking with my mother and grandmother, picking up dropped flowers and imagining them as fairy caps or dresses.  So naturally when I saw this vinyl print, I knew instantly what I would create!

Aussie's Peel & Stick Vinyls are a high-quality adhesive vinyl, and the Heaven Scent Magnolia print features stunning magnolia flowers in lavender, pinks and purple. You can find this print in different sizes at Aussie Decor Transfers.  I used the large size for this project as I had a recycled picture frame to fit it to.  You can use either size depending on your preference and art piece.

To create this piece of art, you will need the following:



  1. Paint your canvas with acrylic paint in the background color of your choice. You can also paint the ballerina figures on the canvas, leaving the skirt area blank. Before painting, I roughly sketched out in chalk to get my ratios correct, placing the magnolia flowers up against for reference. Let the canvas dry completely overnight.
  2. Cut out the magnolia flowers from the vinyl print with a craft knife and a cutting mat. You can use the whole print or cut out individual flowers to create your own design. (This step was done at the same time as step 1 so that I could place the flowers up against the bodies of my ballerinas to get the ratios right)
  3. Peel off the backing sheet of the vinyl and stick it on the skirt area of the ballerina paintings. Smooth out any air bubbles with the felt-edged decoupage applicator tool. Push from the center of the print out towards the edges.
  4. Seal the edges of the print and any cut edges with a water-based sealer or topcoat. It is not necessary to apply a sealer or topcoat to the surface of the vinyl print, as it already has a water-resistant coating on it.
  5. I then applied a small amount of texture paste to blend the edge from the waist to the skirt and adding paint and black glitter (you could use one of Aussie's Mica Dust powders instead) to blend seamlessly. Then I sealed the whole piece (except for over the peel & stick vinyl) as I had used chalk paint as my medium.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to see your creations, so please share them with me on social media using the hashtag #heavenscentmagnolia or #aussiedecortransfers, or post in the Aussie Decor Transfers Creative Club.  Thank you for reading and happy crafting! Christel x

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1 commento

23 Jan 2024 Christel Bradbury
How cool

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