• Carefully take your print out of the tube and gently lay it flat for 48 hours before use. Do not try to roll it back on itself to flatten it out. Do not struggle with it or try to smooth it out.
      • Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed and is dry before applying the print.
      • Plan your placement of the print on your project
      • Apply a water based top-coat or PVA glue to the back of the print and directly onto your project with brush or roller.
      • Apply your print on your project and smooth out any air bubbles using Aussie's Felt Edged Decoupage Applicator Tool (also known as the blue tool). Push from the centre of the project out towards the sides. Ensure you only use the felt side of Aussie's Felt Edged Decoupage Applicator Tool, so as not to damage the image.
      • If you are covering drawers or cupboard fronts, you will need a sharp craft knife to neatly cut around the edges of the drawers/doors once the print is adhered and the glue has dried.
      • Your print comes with a protective film on it, so only the edges and any cuts or penetrations piercing the film require sealing. If you would like to seal the print to achieve the same finish as your piece of furniture, apply one THIN coat of water based sealer or top coat before applying any other finishes.
      • DO NOT apply PVA glue on the print surface as you would with other styles of decoupage.
      • DO NOT apply any irons, heat or water.

       Always seal with a water based sealer or topcoat!

      Please share your work using ADT's products in our Facebook group, Aussie Decor Transfers Creative Club. We love to see your creations!

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